Guest calendar and rates

We’ll be allowing guests from about late-July or early August, 2014.

End of August Update! We’ve now had 5 guest visits – and they’re loving it.  We’re learning lots of new things to do in the area, from activities that they have investigated.

We’ll post an availability calendar here, in the future, but for now, see our notes below about times that are reserved.

If you’re interested in staying at our retreat over the Sandy River, please contact us (substitute the @ symbol for the word “at” below)   and put “Sandy River House”  in the subject line.

sandyriverhouse    at

Our guest rates for the house are $185/night, with a 3-night minimum, and $1240/week.

Ask us about a discount for first-time visitors.  It’s our welcome to newcomers, as we begin to have guests!  We hope you’ll give us feedback about what we can do to make the house a great experience and make your visit more comfortable.

Temporary schedule notes about reserved times:

Until we have a regular scheduling calendar arranged, I will try to note here what dates are reserved, so you can know what dates are most likely available.

Reserved:   from summer 2014 on

  • June 19-23 (CEM)
  • July 1-6 (CEM, BGF)
  • July 25-27 (CBG)
  • Aug 1-3 (IC)
  • Aug 23-27 (DV)
  • Aug 27-30 (DG)
  • Sept 16-23  (CEM)
  • Oct 3-5 (KM)
  • Oct 10-14 (AEP)
  • Oct 15-23 (CEM)
  • Nov 4-12 (DV)
  • Nov 13-15 (RL)
  • Nov 25-30 (AM2)
  • DEC 17-23 (CD)
  • Dec 26-29 (VL)
  • Feb 9-13 (CD)