About us

Living in New England, we’ve loved Maine for a long time, and are so happy to finally have a place in Maine to stay at, and to share.  We’re coming from a city of sixteen thousand people per square mile, to unwind in Maine in an area that is thirty people per square mile.

This house was so appealing to us because of its fine structure and details, the generous amount of land, the wonderful crabapples, sugar maples and white pines, and of course the Sandy River!   We’ve tried hard to acknowledge the character of the house, and refurbish it with respect and affection.  The land also is a big focus, and we’ve brought in many great native shrubs, plants, and young trees,  working to keep things healthy for the pollinators, and the birds, and the people who enjoy the Maine environment.

We enjoy Maine as much as we can, and one of our great pleasures is sharing this wonderful place with others who enjoy the same things.